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July 16, 2021 By David 0
Smart homes assistant
Smart home assistant

It is not surprising that most people feel suspicious about the idea of a smart home. Despite being around for a few years, smart homes can still be considered new and modern technology and like anything new, it would take a while for people to trust it.

Let’s discuss a few misconceptions about smart homes;

  • “It’s very costly”

This is understandable after all its modern technology and it definitely comes at a price. However, you can choose what to spend on your smart home and get upgrades over time. For example, you can start by installing just smart locks or thermostats. You don’t have to get everything at once.

Also when you consider the benefits of smart homes, it’s easy to see that the benefits outweigh the cost and certain types of smart home technology actually saves you money on utilities in the long run!

  • “Smart home technology is strictly for big houses”

A household can integrate smart technology regardless of its size or type, that’s the beauty of it! You don’t have to live in a multimillion dollar mansion to install a smart lock or put in a smart fridge. You can live in a cozy house and enjoy the benefits that come with integrating smart home technology in your home.

  • “You need to have advanced technical knowledge to use a smart home”

Well, if you think about it, do you need a deep understanding of IT to be able to use a smart phone? No! Anyone can use a smart phone. This is because these devices are designed to make life easier for the users. It’s the same with smart home devices. Smart home devices are designed to improve your lifestyle and make running aspects of your home more convenient by automating certain processes you’d normally bother yourself to do manually.

For example, with a smart lock installed, you can check to see if your door is closed and locked anywhere you are, you can be far away and let your visitors into your house instead of having them wait outside until you return. You don’t need advanced technical knowledge for that, all you need is to tap a button on your smart phone.

  • “A complete makeover is needed”

Completely remodeling your house to have a more modern design is 100% your choice. However, it is not a requirement to use smart home technology. In fact, a lot of these devices are incredibly easy to install. You don’t have to completely remodel your home to install a smart switch or put in a smart fridge, you can just do it and guess what? It’s going to work perfectly!